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BUY TICKETSSaturday, 30 October 2021 19:30Dabke Night | TivoliVredenburgTivoliVredenburg


Dabke Nights

On Dabke Nights, we mix traditions and modern culture and bring everything together on the dancefloor. The night comes with a few basic ingredients: live band & Dabke, a workshop Dabke to get you started, a buffet with the best of Syrian mezze, shisha (if allowed) and DJ Matrub to make you dance to Dabke beats and breaks until you drop. The Dabke Nights come in smaller or bigger events, from 150-650 people. We work with a large network of musicians and try to open the stage for differents talents, local or international. Currently we organise Dabke Nights all over the country, and team up on regular basis with o.a venues: TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht), Paard (The Hague) and Het Huis (Utrecht). but are always interested to collaborate and find new places to celebrate diversity.


The Dabke nights and workshops are organised by the foundation Dreaming of Syria. Dreaming of Syria was founded in 2016 by Tamer Alalloush and Iris Loos who made a joint effort to show another side of Syria but also celebrate diversity by organising events that attracts both Dutch and Syrian people. The motto is that "integration is a two way street" and need an effort and some curiousity from both sides. With Dabke Nights, we offer a fun and new way of getting to know your new neighbours. It might sound simple, but dancing Dabke while holding hands is surely a way to connect in a positive way. And before you know it, you will be dancing Dabke like it's nobody's business.